It’s a Revolution of Frequency

The revolution is upon us. It’s a revolution of the mind, the way we spend our energy, and how we leverage our time to create a life of mindfulness, calm and flow.

Everything in the universe corresponds to a particular frequency or sound waveform. The very atoms that make up your body vibrate at a frequency, which determines how you perceive reality.

You can choose the frequency you desire to vibrate at and tune yourself into a more peaceful, positive mindset – simply by listening to a sound wave. This is the revolution, and it’s all about frequency.

There are seven frequencies that correspond to each chakra in the body, and you can listen to those tones to balance the chakras:
Frequencies of the 7 Chakras

Complete inner peace is just a frequency away. Revolution Frequency provides pure frequencies and brainwaves, chakra, meditation, and yoga music, articles on mindfulness, meditation, chakras, and how you can use productivity as a tool to create more zen in your life.

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