Subconscious Conditioning

There is an abundance of information, programs, techniques and methods for spiritual and personal growth, money mindset and “law of attraction” out on the market today. Many people are trying these systems and finding that they have success, and yet not to the degree that such programs promise. Some even find that they have little to no success at all. The fact that this is a common occurrence doesn’t make the sting of failure any less potent.

I think one of the main reasons we may not succeed in self-improvement, mindset training or any of the personal development methods lies not in any defect of the programs themselves, but in the nature of humans. We go strong for a while and are champions at it – then we stop doing it, for whatever reason. Some people stop because they get discouraged. “Nothing’s changing.” And perhaps nothing has changed yet, at least on the surface. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a change transpiring underneath the surface. Most of what happens in the first weeks of a program or regimen does so within, so it appears nothing much is happening at all. And this really hangs people up. If there are no tangible results, what’s the point?

I think that when thoughts like these arise, it’s important to remember how a plant grows into being. A seed must be planted in proper conditions, and then nurtured into until the first leaf sprouts through the soil. We know that in the early stages of the plant’s growth, all of the happenings occur beneath the surface of what we can see. We know this is happening, even though we can’t see it, and we keep watering and caring for the plant as if it were there.

So it is with any of these personal and mind development tools. Given time and persistent care, the change will appear in your external life as a result of the invisible, internal groundwork that is being done in the beginning stages of the programs. Patience and persistence are how you will bring the change into conscious, external awareness.

But perhaps it is not discouragement that hinders you. Maybe you persist, only to find yourself stopping the training due to something outside of your conscious control. I’ve found that I have often started a program with conviction to finish it, seen great results, but then stopping just before the miracle happens. There’s never really a clear reason why – life happens, you see – and I just stop. What I’ve come to realize is this: the quit-before-it-gets-good phenomena is a result of subconscious conditioning. Once I was about to break free of a subconscious pattern put into place in my youth, I would subconsciously stop myself from moving forward so as not to break free of that conditioned pattern. To keep myself “safely” trapped inside the cycle. It’s a defense mechanism, and we all have them.

We all have conditioning – beliefs about the world, ourselves, and what is possible – and this conditioning rules our actions and how we conduct ourselves in the world. A person who was told or trained to believe they were unworthy of love, money or success would sabotage himself or herself by one avenue or another to make that story true. Whenever one of these things was within their grasp, they would turn away and conceivably never know why they couldn’t seem to get the love, money or success that they desperately wanted. They might never know why they’ve always failed in their attempts to gain that which they want. Such is the nature of subconscious conditioning. Right before the breakthrough, one will find themselves tripped up and then never attaining the goal.

Willpower can get you so far in these programs and in life, but if there is subconscious conditioning surrounding the area one is attempting to work on – and you can bet there is, otherwise one wouldn’t have to work on it – you will find that no matter how hard you try, you will end up in the cycle of self-sabotage unless the cycle is interrupted or broken. Discouraging, I know. There is a way around this, though. There are no problems without a solution. It’s the nature of duality. If the problem lies within the subconscious mind, into the subconscious we must go.

This is where theta brainwave entrainment comes in. Theta waves are the gateway to the subconscious mind. That is to say, while in Theta, you are in a state of consciousness that allows for the integration of new thought patterns without filtration by the critical factor (the barrier between the conscious and the subconscious mind, which filters out information that is inconsistent with the belief systems in the subconscious). This process is called hypnosis, and it is the fastest, lasting and most natural way of overcoming subconscious barriers you have to achieving your goals. With theta brainwave entrainment and hypnosis, you can change your subconscious conditioning to aid you rather than hinder. With hypnosis, what was once impossible in your world becomes possible.

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