Hi there! I just want to thank you for clicking on this post with a free download of my song, Bliss, for meditation and sleep.

Get it here >>>

This song stimulates your brain to produce a delta brainwave pattern, which is associated with total relaxation and the deepest cycle of sleep. Listen to this to melt away all stress and fall asleep in just a few minutes.

NEW RELEASE: Eye of Mind Album

Named for the pineal gland, or Third Eye, Eye of Mind delivers an experience that is completely unique to you, allowing you to delve into the depths of your subconscious mind – a place only you can go.

Become a witness to the beauty of your own consciousness as the music lulls you into Theta state. Theta is a brainwave state you experience during REM sleep, or when you’re dreaming. The brainwave itself is associated with dreaming, meditation, relaxation, out of body experiences, psychedelic phenomena, and shamanic journeys. Music infused with the theta frequency is known to reduce anxiety, increase creativity, strengthen the intuition, stimulate the memory centers of the brain, provide clarity of mind and inner peace, and up the total quality of your life.

Get the album here >>>

Awakening is now on iTunes!

Awakening is a sound healing album with eight songs, each song representing a different state of consciousness or awareness. The album follows the story of the creation of life, from the birth of a star to the enlightenment of an individual. This album features the theta frequency as well, not to mention a pretty cool instrument called the esraj. The esraj is a bowed lute with 19 strings from Northern India. Check out Parinirvana and Bodhi for its unique sound.

Get it on iTunes >>>

As always, my music is available for free streaming via Reverbnation. For updates, new releases and free downloads, visit www.musicofsamsara.com and subscribe via email. You’ll also find news about the music, consciousness expanding artwork, inspirational content, and tips on effective meditation and how to open your third eye. Stay beautiful!


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