Samsara’s New Album, Nada Yoga is Intended for Liberation from the Ego

Nada Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning “devotion through sound.” Many monks and transcendent individuals around the world use sound as a means of meditation, going deeply within themselves.

My newest album, “Nada Yoga,” is aptly named, as its soothing sounds gently guide you into total relaxation, so you can experience the kind of inner peace described by the deepest of meditators. “Nada Yoga” uses a combination of the alpha, theta and delta brainwaves – the longer you listen to the album, the more inward you will go, and with ease.

The album artwork for this album is the Ahaṃkāra Mandala I posted a couple months ago. My grandmother loved the piece so much that she suggested it would be great as album artwork.

Ahamkara Mandala

Ahaṃkāra refers to the attachment to the ego and material world, and nada yoga is one upāya (method or means) of reaching liberation. I thought it was a very fitting combination, as liberation from the ego is the ultimate intent of this album.

It is for this reason that I am offering the album solely with donation based payment. Liberation from the ego transforms every aspect of your life. I can’t put a price tag on that, nor do I want to exclude anyone from having this experience, so you get to decide what you pay for the album, and for inner peace.


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