What Everyone Should Know About Their Brainwaves

Sound waves can..

The music of Saṃsāra uses the neuroscience technique called brainwave entrainment to align your brainwaves to the patterns associated with deep relaxation, meditation, REM sleep (dreaming), and the subconscious mind. By using a frequency that cycles 4-7 times a second, brainwave entrainment causes your brain’s neurons to emit electrical charges that are in sync with that frequency.

Basically, your brainwave patterns change to match the peaks and valleys of the waveform that is used, which in the case of this music is called Theta. Theta is a particularly powerful state of consciousness which induces dreams, vivid imagery, psychedelic and out of body experiences, and can be used to come in contact with the deepest depths of your true self. The self that is limitless and knows no bounds to its power. It is in the embodiment of this self that you are free.

To get the full effects of this music, it is recommended that you sit or lie down in a comfortable, relatively quiet place you will not be disturbed and listen with stereo headphones. The purpose of the headphones is to get an equal amount of the Theta frequency in each ear so as to bring both hemispheres of the brain into alignment. This allows you to sink deeply into your subconscious and have a really unique experience. No mind is quite like yours, after all.

Brainwaves are..

A brainwave is a sweeping electrical pattern produced by the brain’s neurons, which can be measured by an electroencephalograph machine, or EEG machine. There are five categories of brainwave patterns that occur in humans: Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta. Each brainwave pattern is associated with a state of consciousness.

Gamma Wave

Gamma waves are extremely fast waveforms which oscillate at 31-120 times a second, or 31-120 Hz. Gamma brainwaves produce a state of consciousness associated with high-level information processing, active learning, peak concentration and elevated cognitive functioning. Gamma is experience in moments when the brain needs to process something very quickly, such as right before or during a car accident. In such an instance, you might find that time seems to slow to a crawl, like everything is in slow motion – that’s the Gamma brainwave pattern.

Beta WaveBeta waves are fast waves that fluctuate between 13 and 30 Hz. These waves are dominant in the brain when we are alert, and are associated with critical reasoning. Most people spend a lot of time in Beta, which can result in increased irritability, headaches, muscle tension and an overall decline in your feeling of well-being. Beta is a great state of consciousness to be in, but must be balanced with enough of the slower waves for optimal brain function.

Alpha WaveAlpha waves are a bit slower, ranging between 8 to 12 Hz, and are associated with rest and relaxation, such as what is experienced during a wakeful rest. Alpha is an excellent state of consciousness for meditation, creative visualization and revitalizing your body and mind before or after a consuming task.


Theta WaveTheta waves exist between 4 and 7 Hz, and occur naturally in the moments before sleep, during REM sleep, and are associated with dreaming, super-learning, memory, creativity, intuition, out of body experiences, shamanic journeys and communication with the subconscious mind. Theta state also occurs during waking life when you “zone out” and a task becomes automatic to the point where you can mentally disengage from it, such as what is experienced when one is driving on the freeway and cannot account for the last few miles.

Delta Wave

Delta waves are the slowest waves, oscillating between 0.5 and 3 Hz, and occur during deep, dreamless sleep. Simulating Delta in a person that is awake can relieve some types of physical pain, such as inflammation and nerve pain. It is very difficult to stay awake while in Delta, but if you can the result is deep relaxation to the point of feeling one-with-the-couch. If not, it’ll be the best sleep of your life.



The fastest brainwaves correlate with a more contracted or focused consciousness, while the slower brainwaves correspond with a higher, more expanded consciousness.


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