Fear of the Unknown is Fear of Life

Fear of the unknown

In every human decision, there are innumerable variables that have to be accounted for in order to make a solid prediction of the circumstances that will develop as the result of making that decision. The variables that go into making a decision are incalculable – we cannot possibly see every outcome of a situation. This is one of the reasons we have yet to make a computer that can function as organically as a human.

 So if it’s improbable to assume that we can ever really know the consequences of our actions, why do so many people have such fear of the unknown? Life is the unknown. You don’t know if something is going to happen in your life until it does, just like you don’t know you’re alive until you become conscious of that fact at birth.

Fear of the unknown is fear of life. Fear of letting go and allowing the energies of life to carry you where they will, fear of what will happen when you get there. LIFE IS UNKNOWN. That’s what makes it so gorgeous. The fact that you don’t know what is going to happen next is what makes the whole thing such a grand adventure. If you knew everything that was going to occur in your life, it’d be a rather dreadful bore.

 Life is change. It is always in flux. YOU are always in flux. So go with the current, instead of against it. Fear is designed to keep you exactly where you are, and heeding its advice is like saying you don’t want to grow anymore. You can’t stop it, so just go with it. When you surrender to that knowledge and start living from it, you’ll find your stresses dissolve and you are able to live a more human life.


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