Free Sound Healing Album Download

If you haven’t heard already, I’ve released my Nada Yoga sound healing album as a free download. Get an hour’s worth of healing through frequency for free 🙂 just put on some headphones, lean back and relax as the sound bathes your brain in awesomeness. You’ll get a full dose of the slower brainwave frequencies – Alpha, Theta, and Delta, which will calm your mind, soothe your body, and help you to reach new levels of relaxation.

Nada Yoga Album Artwork

Album: Nada Yoga
Released: May 2014

Nada Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning “devotion through sound,” or “union through mystic sound.” Many monks and transcendent individuals around the world use sound as a means of meditation, going deeply within themselves. Nada Yoga’s soothing sounds gently guide you into total relaxation, so you can experience the kind of inner peace described by the deepest of meditators.

The album uses a combination of the alpha, theta and delta binaural beats to synchronize your brainwave patterns to different states of consciousness – the longer you listen to the album, the more inward you will go, and with ease.

Maya [maayaa]:
Illusion; the power of Brahman by which it manifests the world; the veiling and projecting power of the universe
Subhechcha [sh^ubechchh; conjunct ‘ch’ and ‘chh’]:
Desire for enlightenment; one of the seven stages of enlightenment
Nada Yoga
 [naad yog]:
Union through mystic sound
Atma Dhyana
 [aatma dhyaan]:
Contemplation on the Self
Kaivalya [kaivulya]:
Absolute Oneness; final emancipation

This is a donation based album – you can download the album free, and donate if you’d like.

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