Coming Soon: Psychedelic Moonlight Sonata Arrangement for Meditation and Mind Expansion


Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata has always been a huge source of inspiration for me. His use of advanced music theory has always fascinated me since I first played the piece in middle school. I wanted to take his hauntingly beautiful First Movement from the piece and arrange it myself to create a psychedelic journey through one’s own mind, using sitar and theta brainwave entrainment to guide the consciousness while it expands.

Making the song has been a long process full of changes and experimentation with writing different parts for strings, as well as figuring out how to best write the sitar in as the main instrument. The song is captivatingly complex on its own, and by using an Eastern instrument to express Western music gives it a certain mystique. I did a lot of experimenting with mixing to make the experience even more ethereal and psychedelic because where each instrument is coming from constantly changes.

Moonlight Sonata (First Movement) is currently being mastered and will be released this month! Next steps are licensing and distribution, so stay tuned to hear about the iTunes release and other places it will be available before then. As always, the music will be available online for free streaming.


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