Thoughts on Stress & How to Relieve It

A tidal wave of fear and stress has permeated social media of late. Largely due to recent world events, the minds of the masses are in turmoil. But this is nothing new. With our fear-based media, fast-paced society and high demands on our time, it’s no wonder most people are feeling the weight of stress on their souls.



What Happens When You’re Stressed

Stress is a neurological and biochemical response to (perceived) threatening external or internal stimuli. The stressful situation can exist in reality or be a creation of the imagination. It doesn’t matter; the brain does not distinguish between imagined thought and reality. The external or internal stress stimuli create a neurological response that releases the stress hormone, Cortisol. Cortisol is produced in the adrenal glands and is responsible for producing our fight-or-flight response, the fear response. This is where stress is derived from – fear. Most live in a constant state of this type of fear.

The Toll It Takes On The Body, Mind, And Spirit

Since most of our lives are spent stressing about one thing or another – demands of work, family, and social life often conflict, and our news sources are dripping with negativity – it’s no wonder we find ourselves in this uneasy state of consciousness. Science has proven that a thought held in the mind impresses itself upon the creative plane, and in turn causes the creation of the thing that was imaged by the thought. If you are thinking primarily hurried, stressed or fearful thoughts, imagined or otherwise, the act of thinking about them will invariably create circumstances that mirror the energy of those thoughts in your reality. So then, stressful thoughts create stressful circumstances.

Cortisol, when produced in the body for too long and in high qualities, wears on our physical health. Degeneration replaces health, and disease sets in. This creates illness of body and illness of mind. Our ability to make enlightened decisions diminishes, and we find ourselves in a downward spiral with no end.

How Your Brainwaves Can Help

The battle against stress is not hopeless. In fact, it need not be a battle at all. All the power you need to overcome stress lies in your own brain, in your brainwaves. There are five known brainwave patterns within the human brain – gamma, beta, alpha, theta and delta. The last three are the best for reducing Cortisol production and are often used for calming meditations to create a sense of serenity and power over our own circumstances. These three brainwave patterns are seen when relaxing, while dreaming, or in the deepest forms of sleep.


More Resources

Want to learn more? Information on the benefits of brainwaves and the science surrounding them is available at the Home page, and the Learn More page. The goal is to assist you in calmness of mind and strength of spirit – if you have any questions, email All emails are responded to personally.


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