How Your Emotions Create Your Reality

Everyone wants to feel good. When you feel good, you are in a place of vibrational receiving in relation to what you are wanting. When you are in a vibrational place of feeling good, regardless of how outside circumstances appear, you are allowing what you want to come to you. Everything you desire will flow to you, unconditionally, when you are feeling good.

You Must Feel Happy, Despite Conditions

You must feel unconditionally happy before what you want can manifest – a paradoxical reality for many. “I will feel happy once that thing that I want comes.” That same thinking blocks you from being in alignment with what you want.

You must feel unconditionally happy before you can get what you want. Happy first, manifestation after.

Your Mood Affects Your Current Vibration

To the degree that you feel happy, good, content, joyful, or all other positive emotions, determines your Now Vibration, and thereby your Now Reality. These positive emotions are your signal that you are in harmony with that which you desire. When you feel bad in some way (anger, jealousy, resentment, discontent, ornery, irritable, sad, etc.), this is your signal that you are out of sync with the good things you are wanting for yourself. We are all equipped with an emotional guidance system, which is our indicator of our point of attraction.

It is in this way that your emotions are the key to everything you desire. It is of the utmost importance that you feel good – this is your number one priority. Many will teach that you must get a handle on your thoughts. Though thoughts play a role in the determination of your reality, thoughts are merely interpretations of emotion – all thoughts originate from emotion. Therefore your emotions are what you must bring your focus to maintaining.

How To Deal With Negative Emotions

Something happens, externally, (perhaps a breakup, a death in the family, financial hardships, work issues, perpetual family disapproval, abuse, or something else undesirable), and you react to it. This is human nature. Your reaction is an emotion, a pattern of neurons firing off in your brain, which you then interpret as thought which perpetuates the pattern of that emotion. It becomes a vicious cycle, when you’re in negative emotion, and a beautiful becoming when in positive emotion. Either way, it’s infinitely flowing.

When you’re in a negative spiral, you are not attracting what you want. You know this intuitively. Only more of what you do not want will show up. Have you ever had a thought you did not like, and the more you tried not to think about it, the more and more you thought about it? It’s because you’re stuck in a negative feedback loop, a trained pattern of neurons firing in perfect sync with what you don’t want.

What can you do?

Interrupt the thought loop.

This part is fun. What you have going on is anxiety, or neurological resonance. Have you ever been somewhere where you’ve shouted and your voices echoes, bouncing off the walls, reverberating many times over? It’s the same concept with anxiety. You have a negative thought and it echoes, and echoes, and echoes – each echo covering up the next until the original thought is indistinguishable, and you are left metaphorically huddled in a corner with your hands over your ears. To interrupt the loop, that echo, you must turn your attention away. You must focus on something that makes you feel good.

Feeling good is your top priority.

How To Feel Good When You Feel Bad

Now, this is where people get stuck. “How can I feel good when I feel so bad?” Well, you can’t get there from where you’re at. You can’t get to happy from sad. You must turn your attention from what you feel is making you feel negatively, and focus on something that makes you happy. Do you have an animal you love? Think of them. Perhaps a person who makes you feel happy? A job you enjoy? There is something, somewhere in your life, which you can think about to pull yourself out of the negative feelings. The more you think about it, the more you will find to appreciate, and the more your vibration comes into alignment with what you really want.

Some people can’t do this on their own. They can’t break away from the unwanted, and it keeps perpetuating. Showing up again and again in their life experience. Again with that negative feedback loop. So, if you’re one of these people, what can you do? I mentioned before that you need to interrupt the loop, those thought patterns that are making you feel so poorly. You can do that with good feeling thoughts if you’ve trained yourself enough to do so (it does take practice, like any other skill). Or, you can use your brainwaves to your advantage.

Interrupting The Negative Loop

If your thoughts are racing in any way, chances are your brainwave patterns are in Beta or Gamma, the fastest brainwave patterns in the human brain. Trying to change your thinking, or reach for better feeling thoughts while in these brainwave states, is like trying to accelerate in first gear, when your RPMs shoot up to 5,000. There’s a lot of resistance, yes?

The key is to get your brainwaves to sync to a slower state, such as Alpha or Theta. Meditation brings you to this state, though many who have racing thoughts will find it hard to vibe with that. To interrupt these negative thought patterns, you can listen to brainwave entrainment music that is designed to bring your brainwaves into alignment with Alpha or Theta. There are many artists who create music such as this. You can find them on YouTube, or I have my album “Nada Yoga” available for free streaming and digital download. My “7 Chakra Cleanse” is available for free download and will align your brainwaves to Alpha state.

Dopamine will be released in your brain when you listen to the music, which is a feel-good hormone and will aid in creating a space for yourself where you feel good. You’ll have greater access to your positive emotions, and negative ones will begin to melt away. It’s all about interrupting your negative thought patterns.

Feeling Good NOW Is The Key To Everything You Desire

Feeling good is your greatest treasure. Your positive emotions hold the key to allowing what you want to come into your life. You’ve got to feel good before your desire is manifested for it to come. When you feel good, you open yourself up to receiving what you’ve been asking for. And when it comes, you’ll be ready. Pay attention to how you feel in every moment, as your emotions are powerful indicators of whether you are allowing good to flow into your life, or cutting off. Get happy (and stay there), and everything else will fall into place. You are the creator of your life experience, and your emotions can help you in creating a reality that is in sync with your vision for your best life.


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