Gamma Brainwaves: Better Than Adderall

Gamma Brainwaves can boost your focus and mental clarity better than Adderall, allowing you to activate your inner genius in a natural, holistic way.

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With each New Year come resolutions of working harder, focusing better, and achieving more. All of these are worthy aspirations, except one: success is not about working harder, but smarter. Success is leveraging the power of your mind, your precious time and your resources to create extraordinary results.

Over the coming months, Revolution Frequency will be discussing the theme of focus. The blog posts will cover various aspects of the topic. You will discover how to use your brainwaves to give you a mental boost that rivals the focusing effects of Adderall, without the use of harmful drugs. You will learn success techniques that will allow you to better manage your time – working smarter, not harder. You will explore ways of doing your work that will move you from the bottom of the ladder, to the top.

In this post, I will be speaking on brainwaves, and how one in particular holds the key to your success in your chosen field, and in life in general. You will learn what brainwaves are, which one you should be tapping into for focus, and finally, how to leverage this brainwave pattern to boost your productivity and mental clarity so you can achieve all you set out to do and more.

What Are Brainwaves?

Brainwaves are electrical pulses created by thousands upon thousands of neurons in your brain. These pulses are measured in hertz, or cycles per second, and can be visually represented by an EEG machine. These brainwave patterns come in the form of waves, or frequency.

There are five brainwave patterns in the human mind: Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta. Each brainwave frequency has its own purpose, its own job to do for your mind and body. These electrical pulses cause chemical reactions to occur in the brain – the release of hormones necessary for your body to function at all. Too little of a specific brainwave pattern, and you will experience unwanted results, manifesting many times as illness, depression, anxiety, lack of focus, poor sleep and other undesirables.

This happens when your brainwave patterns have been interfered with. Since these patterns are frequency, or waveforms, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that your brainwaves may not be pure. Microwaves, electromagnetic waves, WiFi, radio, cell phones – all of these are broadcasting frequencies that we perceive unconsciously, and all can knock your brainwave patterns out of alignment. Fortunately, re-aligning your brainwave patterns is a simple process that can be done in just a few minutes a day, and the benefits of doing so are beyond the normal promises of better health, happiness and inner peace.

Gamma And The Genius Mind

Gamma is the fastest brainwave pattern, oscillating between 25 and 100 Hz (cycles per second), though 40 Hz is typical in the average human brain. This frequency is that of the geniuses: it is the focusing power behind all great ideas that see fruition. Gamma heightens cognitive ability – that is to say, your mind becomes clear and focused, and your ability to process and remember complex information increases tenfold. With Gamma, you essentially begin to function at the highest level of your ability, unlocking your potential.

There has been a trend among college students and young urban professionals to consume Adderall to enhance focus, increase performance at work, and meet impossible deadlines. Adderall is amphetamine salts – Speed. While the effects of the drug can produce desirable results, along with it comes adverse side effects. Noble as the pursuit of productivity may be, your health need not suffer in its wake. Gamma produces the same results as Adderall, only more enhanced and holistic. There are no side effects whatsoever, no danger of unwanted addiction, and you will feel incredible.

Nothing rivals the clarity of focus one has while in Gamma State. You will work faster, getting more done without even changing the way you work. You’ll feel amazing, motivated, and perform like you do on your best days – perhaps even better. You will not only feel like a genius, you will be one. You will unlock the power of your mind to achieve extraordinary results, in less time and with less effort.

Practical Application: How To Reach Gamma State

Reaching Gamma State is so simple that you may inquire how it is possible you never knew about this before. The knowledge is abundant online and in research dating back to the 1930s, though this is not taught in schools. We could deliberate on the reasons why not, though the conversation may dissolve rapidly into the realm of conspiracy, and neither of us has time for that. Focus is of the utmost importance for success, and we cannot abide dabbling in such distractions.

One can produce Gamma Brainwaves in their own mind by using brainwave entrainment technology. Brainwave entrainment takes a frequency – in this case, 40 Hz to 100 Hz – and provides it in stereo to synchronize your brainwaves to the tone, aligning with the desired frequency. All it takes is a frequency and a pair of headphones. Your brainwaves will entrain, or sync up, after only six minutes of listening time – though it is recommended that you listen for at least fifteen minutes a day to see lasting results.

I listen to a pure Gamma Wave every morning before I begin to work. Working from home provides for a whole new level of distraction (Skyrim beckons), so I make it a point to eliminate their draw by bringing my conscious state to that of complete focus using my natural brainwaves. As I write this, I am listening to Gamma. To my completely surprise, all I have written up until this point occurred in well under ten minutes. This is simply because my brain is functioning at a higher speed – I can get more done in less time because I am processing information more quickly than I would have had I not listened to Gamma.

Where Do I Get A Gamma Frequency?

Below you will find a link to download a pure Gamma Frequency for free. The frequency used is 100 Hz. I chose this specifically because, the faster a wave cycles, the more energy it yields. Listening to the highest frequency within Gamma range daily will create a high level of focus, physical and mental energy. Use it before work, during work, after lunch for a second wind, when studying or if you just feel blah.

Stay tuned for future posts on success techniques for time management and focus, and ways to work smarter so that you can operate at your full potential.



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