Shakti Fest: 5 Days of Yoga, Dance and Music

Shakti Fest Logo

In the heart of the desert lies the jewel of the lotus. Make the journey to Joshua Tree, CA for Shakti Fest, a yoga, dance, and music festival celebrating the divine feminine. The spiritual gathering lasts five days, starting May 12-14, 2017. Tickets are on sale now for a discounted price and will raise each month until the event, which is being held at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center.

What to Expect at Shakti Fest 2017

Shakti Fest explores devotional paths in a communal, spiritual setting. Joshua Tree is said to be a spiritual vortex itself, so the location couldn’t be better. Dance on the earth to Kirtan (sacred music), meditate and practice yoga with other like-minded individuals in what is likely to be a real spiritual retreat. Shakti Fest celebrates the evolution of human consciousness through devotional paths. When you’re not blissing out to music or yoga, take workshops by some of the top leaders in personal growth.

Joshua TreeAccommodations are varied in nature. You can camp under the stars or stay in one of their on or off-site housing locations. There is a swimming pool, filtered drinking water they offer free of charge, and vegetarian food. My favorite extra is their “Conscious Kids Land” where you can bring your children play and meet other enlightened families and – children 13 and under can attend the entire festival for free.

Tickets and More Information

Tickets are on sale now at the event website for $300 until Friday, May 31, 2017. In April they will be sold for $350, and $375 in May. They offer student, senior and local resident discounts so be sure to check out those options if they apply to you. For more info, check out the official Shakti Fest website.


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