Balance Your Chakras With Cake!

What do chakras, rainbows, and cakes have in common? Can you actually balance your chakras by eating CAKE? Yes. Yes, you can. Intrigued? Perfect. I’ve gone ahead and collected three chakra-themed articles that will inspire you to balance whose wheels, get a rainbow all up in your face, and satisfy your hunger with a divine recipe!

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Chakra Cleans CC

Mind Valley Academy takes us into the benefits of a chakra cleanse. 

This Ancient Color Trick Is Your Ticket To An Instantly Better Mood

Chakra Good Mood

An entertaining discussion in color therapy and its mystic origin in ancient chakra balancing.

Raw Rainbow Chakra Cheesecake [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

chakra cake

Because who doesn’t want to balance chakras while indulging in cake? Hmm?

Author: Jake Zelinger

Writer - Musician - Teacher - Meditation Instructor


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