Warrior Yoga: A Dance With Your Primal Spirit

Warrior Yoga Album Artwork

Today, we are proud to announce the release of our “Warrior Yoga” yoga meditation track, but more on that later. First, we want to talk about the practice of yoga itself. We’ll discuss the main types so you can choose which kind of yoga is right for your life and your experience.

Yoga is an ancient art that yields a deeply personal and spiritual experience. In traditional Sanskrit, the term is pronounced “yog,” with the “a” sound being silently thought in the mind. There are several types of yoga that one can practice, and many choose to adopt more than one practice. Below are some of the most common yoga practiced today.

Hatha Yoga Silhouette

Types of Yoga

Hatha Yoga is the most common yoga practiced in the United States and focuses on the body and mind to inspire health. Another type of yoga is called Nada Yoga, and means “union through mystic sound.” The practice uses sacred music like Kirtan, tabla drums, and ethereal soundscapes to bring your awareness inward and guide you into Om.

Pranayama, or focusing on the breath, is a common practice in meditation. The repetitive nature of breathing lulls you into a state of relaxed awareness. Raja Yoga is a deep meditation practice, commonly practiced by monks. Karma Yoga is “union through action and service.”

Then there is Bhakti Yoga, which is the yoga of love or devotion. Jnana Yoga focuses on meditation and intellectual knowledge of yoga scriptures. And finally, Tantra Yoga. This yoga has an emphasis on experiencing all things as sacred.

Here at Revolution Frequency, we focus mainly on Hatha Yoga, Nada Yoga, Pranayama, Karma Yoga and Tantra Yoga in our personal practices.

Like with any practice, it can take some time to get in the groove. If your body is stiff and you choose to do Hatha Yoga, it will be a while before you experience the flexibility you desire. It’s important to continue your practice so that it becomes easier, and with the increasing ease will come more enjoyment. After all, when you learned to ride a bike, it did not happen overnight.

Pairing Music and Yoga

Music is a part of our very souls and has been since the dawn of man. Since the first humans learned to bang on gourds, music has been our close companion in our evolutionary journey. Nada Yoga uses music to bring our awareness into close connection to the source within us, the jewel in the heart of the lotus.

Nada Yoga can be practiced with many of the other yogic modalities. Using music during Hatha Yoga can amplify your connection to the sacred and ground you during your practice. It can keep you at a rhythm, and when you’re on beat – the energy of all nature pulses within you.

Warrior Yoga: Dance With Your Spirit

We designed “Warrior Yoga” as a 15 minute yoga meditation track designed to stimulate primal feelings that exist within all humans. Yoga feels like an ancient dance when paired with this calming, mystical track, pulling you deep into Om. The track features a gamma brainwave frequency to energize and electrify your practice, vibrating your very being as you bliss out to yoga.

Click here to stream “Warrior Yoga” for free, or to purchase your digital download.


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