The Ultimate Guide to Chakra Balancing

This infographic is intended to be a guide for you to reference as you master balancing your Chakras. In the image below, we discuss everything you need to know about balancing your Chakras with sound, as well as Chakra Mala Bead Necklaceinformation about the Chakras themselves – their color, sound, Sanskrit words, and mantra. If you want to download this file for reference, instructions to do so are at the bottom of the infographic.

If you haven’t already, click the image to the right to get our free “7 Chakra Cleanse” meditation song. The music is designed to balance all of your Chakras over the duration of the song. Happy Chakra Balancing!

The Ultimate Guide to Chakra Balancing
Click to enlarge, then right click and save to download for free. This file is for reference and sharing purposes only. Copyright Revolution Frequency 2017.

To tune your Chakras, check out our newest album “The Heart of the Lotus: Pure Chakra Balancing Frequencies.” The album features the seven pure Chakra frequencies discussed in the infographic above.


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