Chakra Balancing Album: Heart of the Lotus

Heart of the Lotus - Pure Chakra Balancing FrequenciesThere are seven frequencies that correspond to each chakra in the body, and you can listen to those tones to balance the chakras. This album provides a pure tone that resonates at the frequency of each chakra, tuning your chakras to be in balance.

How to Use This Album

Slip on a pair of stereo headphones (or earbuds) and listen to the tones at any time. You don’t have to sit with your eyes closed for the frequencies to work, so you can listen while you’re cleaning, working, or are on the go.

It takes an average of six minutes for your chakras to respond to the frequencies, and as such, we have made each track last ten minutes. When your chakras are in balance, so are you.

Click the button below to stream the album for free, or to download your copy today.


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