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Nikki Kahl: Musician, Sound Healer, Reiki Master

I developed the concept for Music of Samsara in 2013 during my quarter-life-crisis, a time when I was filled with existential dread stemming from a stressful career in the film industry and years of subconscious conditioning. The more stress that accumulated, the more I sought to find solace, peace, anywhere. In college a few years prior, I had become acquainted with brainwave entrainment through accidental discovery and subsequent research. This was in the back of my mind as I began to delve back into music through an instrument I obtained from India, called the esraj.

Immediately I noted the meditative quality of the instrument, the constant drone of sympathetic strings inducing altered states of consciousness as I played. This lute was a completely new world to me, opening up my consciousness and inviting me to see reality in a transcendent light. Through esraj, I learned the power of music to bring the mind and body into harmony. It was when I was composing “Bodhi,” the final song on the album, “Awakening,” the thought to combine brainwave entrainment with meditation music crossed my mind.

This had been done before, though not by me. Many I encountered were working primarily with Alpha frequency, a brainwave pattern experienced in the beginning stages of sleep. Their claim was that it relaxes you deeply, and that much is true. I use it myself. I felt, however, that true healing was to be found in Theta frequency, the brainwave pattern experienced in REM sleep, as I believed it held the key to unlocking the potential of the human mind. Theta causes the release of dimethyltriptamine, a chemical sometimes called “the spirit molecule,” and its presence in the brain produces psychedelic effects known as dreaming. Familiar as I was with DMT, I saw the powerful healing capabilities of Theta and devoted my time and research to the topic.

Music of Samsara began with the album, “Awakening,” which was an album completely devoted to Eastern-sounding meditation music utilizing Theta. It was after my second sound healing album, I discovered how to create music to balance the chakras. I wrote an article about chakra balancing, provided a free download and it has since then become the topic I correspond with my followers about individually. At this time, I entered into a bit of a virtual hermitage, researching the subject further. I sought to understand chakras at an energetic level. My knowledge to this point had been intellectual, based in music theory, and I was called to integrate that knowledge on an experiential level.

I was led, through meditation on the Self, to study a Japanese healing art known as Reiki. This practice works with the body-mind on an energetic level. Using this technique, one can balance the chakras and feel where imbalances occur, neutralize them, and act as a conduit for universal life-force energy to enter the chakras for the recipient’s highest good. After deep study and application, I am certified as a Reiki Master, and have worked with both people and animals for chakra balancing and healing. Reiki has allowed me to experience chakras at a spiritual level, so as to further assist my followers in achieving their full potential as beautiful souls on this Earth. Currently I am integrating Reiki into Music of Samsara, working with concepts for more chakra balancing music, videos, educational materials, and, for those who wish, training to be a Reiki master themselves.

I love an appreciate all those who follow my work, and invite you to open up a dialogue with me about any of these subjects found on my site, or just to drop a line to say hello and tell me about yourself. I love corresponding with like-minded individuals, and enjoy learning about others’ journeys. I can be reached via the contact page, or emailed at musicofsamsara@gmail.com.

You can stream the music for free at http://www.musicofsamsara.bandcamp.com, or visit The Music or Downloads pages for more sound healing and chakra balancing tracks.



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